by Mike and Bettina Jetter with Hobart Swan

How a journey through leukemia led to software that changed the way how people work

This is the story about Mike and Bettina Jetter and how a life-threatening leukemia led to a revolutinary software that today is used by more than 2 million users. A story that spans 16 years of fighting cancer and building a successful business at the same time.

It truly shows us that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!   Linda Grey, Amazon book review

The Cancer Code is told with great immediacy and, despite all setbacks and frustrations along the road, with contagious enthusiasm.   Dr. Joachim Deeg, Fred Hutchinson CancerResearch Center Seattle

Mike Jetter began writing his mind mapping software while battling cancer 12 years ago in Germany. Now based in San Francisco, he and his company are thriving.  Simon London, Financial Times - 10/19/2005

While battling leukemia in a German cancer ward 10 years ago, Mike Jetter tried to keep a sharp mind the best way he knew how: writing software.
 San Francisco Chronicle - 05/02/2005

The Cancer Code, Mindjet LLC co-founders Michael and Bettina Jetter have joined the pantheon of inventors with amazing stories to tell...  Innovation Tools

An idea for a new business can strike anywhere: In the shower, in the car, even in a dream. Mike Jetter got his in a cancer ward.   BusinessWeek Online - 04/12/2005

The Cancer Code is an inspiration to all people who faces similar challenges in the lives....I highly recommend this book to all  Pegasus Book Club 

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More than two million individuals, thousands of small businesses, and 83% of Fortune 100 companies use Mindjet to generate ideas, organize information, store and share data, and manage workflow, maximizing the power of collaboration.

Mike and Bettina Jetter co-founded Mindjet in 1994 and lead the company until 2006. They were both awarded the Ernst & Young's "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" in Frankfurt, Germany in 2004.

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